One thing that was constantly drilled into me as a young child was that the heart of a home was the kitchen.  It is where we would sit down nightly over a home cooked meal and reminisce about our day be it good or bad.  It was the congregation point for many a holiday gathering.  It was a room where life lessons were taught and learned and retaught again at later points in our lives.

It’s no great surprise to those that know me that I find myself more at peace surrounded by my pots and pans then I do sitting and talking with my family and friends.  Amidst the bubbling and simmering of soup stocks, pasta sauces, and the occasional whir of a blender I find comfort in the four little walls that make up the heart of my home.  I can normally be found in my kitchen, sipping a cup of tea thumbing through a cookbook or leaning against my countertop as i peruse the endless library of recipes gifted to me via the internet.  Nothing is out of reach with these resources.  My kitchen is limitless and vast as long as my love and passion continue to thrive and grow.

This is my kitchen.  This is my heart.  I want to share my love for food with those that read this blog so they can understand that it’s not something that sustains our bodies it’s also something that can sustain our very soul and essence of being.

Thank you in advance for reading this


Kristen (Krys)

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